2004: Mostly Selfies

We were in a long-distance relationship between February 2004 and May 2005, and saw each other about one weekend a month. We were just so friggin’ delighted to be together, we were constantly taking photos. The result was a hell of a lot of “selfies”, even though the word “selfie” wasn’t even a thing until almost a decade later.


Kissing selfies.

Photos of each other taking photos of scenery.

Selfies that were taken by setting the timer on the camera and propping it on a flat surface so they appear as though someone else may be taking the photo, but they were still technically selfies.

Olympus digital camera, you served us well, even though a well-composed selfie was really, really difficult to take when you couldn’t see what you were aiming at.

2005, is next, with a lot more substance, but pretty much the same amount of selfies.

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