Silly blogging compulsions.

I’ve been saying for the last…four years? “I want to blog more.”

I always have an excuse at the ready. I’m too tired. I don’t have anything entertaining to contribute to the already-crowded blogosphere. Nobody wants to read my introspections and…stuff. I don’t want creepy people to see photos of my kids. I’ve got too much of a backlog that I wouldn’t even know where to start.

I recently saw the following quote shared on social media:

Ryan Blair Quote

Well, crap. Can anyone refute that?

So I am going to blog. I’m going to blog for myself, and my family, to journal what our lives were like during these ridiculous, exhausting, crammed-with-joy times. I really, really love going back and reading old blog posts and seeing my beautiful photos of my beautiful family, beautifully displayed. But oh, the excuses.

But when will you find time, Jen? Well, Jen, since you ask: has a mobile app that I can be using to post, rather than mainlining Facebook and Twitter feeds. So, you know, blog instead.

But what about the creepy people out there on the Interwebs that will be able to snoop on your life? Good question. This one really gnaws at me. It’s why I use aliases rather than the kids’ and my husband’s real names. I try to be vigilant about what I post that might reveal too much about specifically where we live. And the beautiful thing about blogging on is that I can switch the site to private instantly, if the need ever arises. But I refuse to be ruled by fear. And there are more good people than bad people out there. So I’m going to share.

But what about the kids’ inherent right to privacy? See above about’s ability to turn the site to private at any time. Same goes for individual posts – any can be set to private with a few mouse-clicks. We regularly talk about privacy and Internet-stuff, and when they object, it’s their call.

But…but…what about your asinine compulsion to have a complete historical record of everything that’s ever happened to your family before you update the damn blog with a post about something that happened yesterday? Yep, that’s the kicker. See the photo below?


That’s one of sixty-one photos I took on my Panda Bear’s first birthday, in July 2014. It is literally the first one I’ve even edited (the others are still in RAW format, essentially “undeveloped film”.) My closest family members haven’t even seen these photos. So, my compulsion is to get all of my backlog done, before I can start posting new stuff. All of the bricks of past experience need to be mortared into the foundation of this blog. I want a comprehensive story. I can’t shake it.

Unfortunately, this means going back even further than 2014. The Captain and I began our lives together in 2004, and in 2005, I shared all of our photos in a now-retired open source software called Gallery. All gone now, of course. But they’re still there, in the cobwebby depths of my photos folder.

I’m going to try to make 2017 The Year of Bringing All My Shit To My Blog, and The Year of Actually Doing Something With The Terabyte of Backlogged Photos On My Computer.

Short version of this post: I’m going to be posting a bunch of old stuff. I know it’s confusing and weird. But it will make me happy. Feel free to follow along if you like.


One thought on “Silly blogging compulsions.

  1. I have always loved reading your blogs. Always. And this makes me so, so happy to see you blogging again. It is also an inspiration to get my ish in order, because I want to do the same thing and I, too, make All The Excuses. It’s also super important to me to have a chronological history, and when I fell behind, everything else did, too. I feel you so hard on the First Birthday Photos being “undeveloped” …and you’ve been a hell of a lot busier than I have.

    Rambling aside, I’m excited to read you again. It’s a type of conversation that I can revisit whenever I want, and it’s especially nice when we haven’t connected in a long time. You always inspire me. Thank you for that.


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