Family date night.

Finally being able to take the kids out for a fun (but brief) Friday evening felt like something that would never happen. Although Panda is still a bit unpredictable, the amount of time that we can spend in public before a meltdown is getting longer, and a drink generally only gets spilled one time, on average.

Friday night, we went to Mod Pizza, a build-your-own pizza place. For a single price based upon which size pizza you want, you can get an unlimited number of toppings, and the price is fantastic. In our family of five, nobody likes the same thing on their pizza (with three of us not even liking traditional tomato-based pizza sauce), so for less than $5 apiece for personal pizzas with whatever fixins we each want, it can’t be beat. Plus, it is super fast, and the quality of the food is phenomenal.

Sticking with the DIY theme, we went to Menchie’s frozen yogurt afterward. All three kids had a difficult time with impulse control when it came to the yogurt dispensers, but a good time was had by all. And it was so yummy!

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