2006, October: Hammock’s Beach State Park

Before the kiddos came along, The Captain always treated me to a birthday trip. The year he took me camping on a remote beach in North Carolina was the most memorable of them all. I can remember so much about this weekend. The water birds, the tiny ghost crabs, driftwood littering the beach, falling asleep in the tent to the sound of the ocean waves and wind through the dune grasses. The sunburn – we didn’t think to pack sunscreen in October. How difficult it was, hiking down the beach in the sand with a heavy pack on my back. Jumping into the sea fully clothed. The impossible, alien vibrance of the sunsets.

We gathered shells that still live here on the mantle in our second house, and some of these photos are my favorites that I’ve ever taken. It’s the only time I’ve ever camped on a beach so far, but I know it won’t be the last.

3 thoughts on “2006, October: Hammock’s Beach State Park

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