2007: Gardening Novice

I’ve always loved plants; my Grandma Katie had a gloriously green thumb, and her garden was always one of my favorite places to be. When we bought our first house in South Carolina, it was in the scorching late summer of 2006, and I didn’t try to do anything in the yard until the following Spring, but dreams of my own beautiful gardens were definitely in my mind when the house became ours.

In March of 2007, I took a “before” photo, showing the very basic builder landscaping, since the house was new construction. Boxwood and holly, plus a few pansies, mulched with sun-bleached pinestraw, the ubiquitous gardening staple of the South. It was taken in March.

Soon after this was taken, we rented a tiller from Lowe’s, and The Captain helped me rip out the boxwoods and re-plant them in the back yard. We made the front bed more rounded, then I planted a bunch of colorful perennials and annuals. Looking at this photo, I can’t even remember planting a lot of this; my yard went through many iterations over the seven years that we lived there. Most (if not all) of the plants in this photo were eventually transplanted to other places in the yard. It was my first venture into hobby gardening, and I’ve been in love with it ever since. The part-time job I got at the local garden center served as an enabler; I got plants at-cost as an employee, and I learned a huge amount about horticulture in a very short period of time. It served as the foundation for everything I know about gardening today.

Superbells, threadleaf Coreopsis, daylilies, Shasta daisies, coneflower, Celosia, petunia, Gaura, catmint, Angelonia, and a hardy Hibiscus that was absolutely skeletonized every year by the damned Japanese beetles.

The photo above was taken in July, so the heat had already been frying my plants for several months. I wish I’d taken more progress photos. I eventually did in future years, and those will definitely make their way into this blog as I catch up on old posts.

This was a very appropriate post to start my 2007 retrospective. It is now ten years later, and Spring is here in Ohio. Panda is finally old enough that he can come into the yard with me, and our property here has tremendous potential. This is the first year I will be able to regularly get out there, and I’m counting the days until the last frost date earlier this month.

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