2007: Japan trip, day one.

I lost momentum on my catch-up project for this blog, but I’m getting back to it. It’s quite a coincidence that where I left off was May of 2007, when Captain and I took our first trip to Japan together. We just returned from our second trip to Japan at the beginning of this month, and it was a very different trip than our first.

On the first night that we were there last month, we ate at a yakitori place, where we were served various beef parts, grilled on sticks, and some mostly raw chicken breast that was only seared on the outside, much like sushi-grade tuna. While it was delicious at the time, we learned the hard way that chicken is not, in fact, sushi-grade tuna. Captain, my dad, and I all got very sick about two days later, and fought with the bug the rest of the time we were there.

Our 2007 trip to Japan wasn’t plagued by food poisoning, and strangely, even though this trip was ten years ago, looking back at these photos makes me realize that many of these memories will still be more vivid than those of our trip this year, since we were healthy (and ten years younger!) the whole time.

Since we were there for nine days, I’ll need to break the photos up into multiple posts. I’ll try to include captions on as many photos as I can.

Our first day, we went to Tsukiji before dawn, and the Edo Tokyo museum later in the day.

Arrival in Tokyo.

Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo.

Edo Tokyo Museum, nighttime in Ueno.

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