2007: Flowers

After The Captain gifted me my first DSLR camera, I spent the first few years taking macro photos of flowers, and seemed to have a particular obsession with macro’ing their reproductive parts. A lot of my blogging catch-up will be posts like this, just images of flowers. In Charlotte, we had a beautiful local place to go for photographing all things green; Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens. These photos are from there.

There were a lot of really bad photos in this particular Lightroom catalogue, but here are a few colorful favorites. It’s really fun for me to look back on these. For one, it’s neat to see how far I’ve come with photography from a technical perspective. And two, now that I have a decade of gardening experience, I actually know what most of the plants and flowers are in all of these old flower macro albums. It’s like a time capsule.

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