En Vogue

On hot messes, “smize-ing”, and beautiful photos. ☺️

The Whole Cat

During the all company meetup last month, one of my very talented coworkers offered to take photo headshots for anyone who wanted to update their Gravatar, which is a photo that stands in as us in all the virtual spaces we interact with each other in for those of you who don’t already know that (I’m looking at you, Mom). Jen’s work as a photographer is amazing, as you can see on her site at https://www.jennyhooks.com/ , so this is a really generous offer of her and many of us were eager to take her up on it.

During the couple of minutes it took her to snap some of the best pictures of me I’ve seen in years, she and I encountered a slight problem. In spite of the impression I am sure I give off as a professional model who is competent in front of the camera, confident…

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