2008: Two become three.

Goodbye, 2007!

Just after the first of the year in 2008, we adopted our first dog. We named her Claire, and she’ll turn ten next month. She’s smelly, she’s aloof (even in the photos of her as a puppy, I can see the snob in her!), she has absolutely no manners around strangers, but I love her like a child.

I have thousands of photos from that first year with her, but I’m going to consolidate them a bit into just a few posts. These are probably going to be some of my more self-indulgent posts, since I know 99% of the Internet wouldn’t care about dozens of photos of my mutt dog, but she’s getting old, and I know she won’t be with us forever. I want to be able to know I can find memories of my first baby here in my little online home.

Our first month together.

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