2008: Cody comes home.

2008 was the year we adopted three dogs, and the year I became pregnant with our first child. It was a busy year.

In September, we adopted Claire’s littermate sister. It was a serendipitous thing, but not without bumps along the way. Casey was (and still is) a very different dog than Claire with a lot of insecurities and idiosyncrasies and we didn’t transition her into our family with as much care as we probably should have. But she eventually meshed in with our human-canine family, and we reached equilibrium. (Casey soon became my parents’ dog; they adopted her from us a little over a year after we brought her home.)

Of course, I had to disrupt that equilibrium by adding another pup to the mix.

I think Captain and I were playing World of Warcraft one evening (the way most of my stories from this time of our lives begin), and I was tabbed-out of the game looking at the rescue’s website, for who knows what reason. Immediately, “Caramel” came up:

Now, I ask you — who could resist that sweet, worried, melancholy face? On top of that, the site’s bio about her alleged that she was part of a dachshund-mix litter, which is The Captain’s favorite kind of dog. We frequently talked about how if we ever got another dog, it would be a small breed. Here was our small dog. (We eventually had her DNA analyzed, and she has no dachshund in her — she’s primarily Brittany spaniel and lab. She’s also strictly medium-sized, at around 45 pounds.)

I told Captain that I’d be going to get her the following day. He half-heartedly grumbled about adding another dog to the family after things had finally started to settle down with Casey’s addition to the pack.

The following morning, he called me shortly after I’d pulled out of our neighborhood on the way to the rescue. I told him right away, “I’m going to go get that dog”, and he could have probably talked me out of it easily, but he only grumbled some more (even more weakly than the evening before), and I was on my way.

She was taller than the other puppies in her litter — they were clearly, obviously dachshund mixes. But her, not so much, though her face seemed to have the long snout of a doxie. I only got a few blurry photos of her as she emerged from the little dog house she and her siblings were sharing in their kennel — I wanted to document it since Captain couldn’t be there with me.

She was so sweet sitting in the seat beside me on the drive home. I don’t think she took her eyes off me the whole time.

The Captain left early for work after I called to tell him that I’d successfully gotten her. He was already there when we got home. I don’t think he was too upset that I’d brought home another pooch.

We introduced her slowly to the bigger girls, since she was so tiny.

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