2008: The time we hiked a mountain in August with no water.

My parents came to visit late in the summer, and we decided to take a short, casual hike at Crowder’s Mountain State Park. This was before the ubiquity of smartphones, so we had to rely on trail maps and our own savvy to find our way. I wasn’t really worried about this at all, because Captain is a masterful map reader, and we’d been to Crowder’s Mountain before.

We took Claire, some light packs, and if I remember correctly, little to no water to drink on the hike. I’m not sure why we did this — because of the weight of it, I think?

We ended up really deep into the park, and our short hike ended up being five or six miles on pretty hilly, moderately strenuous terrain. At some point we must have gotten turned around, and though we (obviously) made it out that day, we were very, very tired and dehydrated at the end. I think we stopped at the first McDonald’s we saw, and ordered a bunch of ice waters, one for Claire, included.

Lesson learned!

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