2009: May

I remember when the Captain took these photos. I was probably napping, or sleeping in. When he showed them to me later, I told him that I was going to steal them and share them on my blog. Now, almost nine years later, I finally am.

These glimpses of our life in South Carolina bring back so many memories for me, and the nostalgia is almost an ache. In addition to my teaching job, I had a part-time job at a nice garden center, and I spent a tremendous amount of time in my yard. The Captain built me the bluebird house pictured below, and within a year, we had an Eastern Bluebird family in residence. I’d gotten some massive containers that had previously held trees, and created a raised garden with tomatoes, peppers, squash, and eggplant. The previous year, a rabbit had decimated my vegetable garden the morning after I spent all day planting it, so even though the containers were ugly, my veggies were safe from rabbits and the dogs’ play.

My memories of setting up and planting those containers are more vivid than things I did just last year. Is that part of getting older? Do younger memories remain more vivid, and new memories pale in comparison?

I will always love these photos of our dogs when they were still young and spry.

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