2009: Our first ultrasound.

There’s a distinct lack of photos between February and April of 2009. My first experience with morning sickness had me down for the count. It was all-day sickness for me, accompanied by a profound fatigue.

On April 20, 2009, we had our first ultrasound, where we found out that Pumpkin was a little girl.

Now, I know that moms (and perhaps, grandmas) are the only people in the world that care about ultrasound photos. It is hard to tell what you’re actually looking at, they’re grainy, and the fetus looks downright bizarre. But this blog is for me, and this is part of my story. These were my first glimpse of my first baby, and they’re precious to me.

This first ultrasound experience was incredible — seeing her move, hearing her heartbeat, the wondrous moment when the technician told us our baby was a girl. After this first uneventful, normal pregnancy, I would eventually have four miscarriages — two between Pumpkin and Peanut, and two between Peanut and Panda. As a result, future ultrasounds were marked by anxiety and stress. But this one was before the experience was tainted by that worry, and it was just lovely.

Captain and I went into the ultrasound having decided that we weren’t going to find out the sex of the baby, but when the technician said, playfully, “So do you want to know if this is a boy or a girl?“, we couldn’t resist finding out.

Hello, Pumpkin.


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