2009: Pumpkin’s crib and nursery.

The Captain used his woodworking savvy to build Pumpkin’s crib (which was then Peanut’s, then Panda’s, and will likely be our grandchildren’s), starting with a pile of beautiful raw Brazilian cherry. I wish I’d taken more photos of the progress — I can’t find any that I’d taken before he had it mostly assembled. This was before the ubiquity of cellphone cameras, so we had to actually have a camera around to document things.

We painted the nursery a rich mango-orange, to go with the sherbet-y colors in the crib bedding we chose. The room was nothing fancy, but it was warm and inviting, and atypical of a standard powder pink baby girl room. The bumper came out of the crib pretty early, and I don’t recall her ever using the little comforter, but the decorating was fun. I was pretty convinced that the baby was going to arrive early — my due date was September 17th. I wanted to have everything ready — including the bathtub and her little area in our bedroom — before August was over. She ended up making us wait until September 24.

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