2009: The Bubbas

A few months after we got the fence, Casey had taken to jumping over it to chase squirrels. Having to run after her being massively pregnant was not only physically difficult, it was emotionally stressful. Our old house backed up to the main road entering the neighborhood, and she could have very easily been hit by a car. Cody would sometimes follow her, both of them sailing over the six-foot fence like it was barely an effort. Ultimately, once the baby arrived and I had to chase after Casey, leaving the baby alone for a few minutes (safe in her crib, of course), it became too much to handle her. Later in December, Casey went to live with my parents and became their dog. Happily, we still get to see her when we go visit.

These are the last of the photos of the bubbas for the rest of 2009, before they welcomed their little human sister. I think they knew there were big changes ahead.


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