Birth Story | Pumpkin, September 24, 2009 7:32 pm

Our little Pumpkin arrived at 7:32 pm on Thursday, September 24th! She weighed 8 pounds and 14 ounces, and measured in at 20 and 3/4 inches long. She is incredibly strong, bright-eyed, and positively beautiful, with a head full of silky dark hair. She looks just like her daddy.

I was exactly a week “overdue”, and had an appointment with the OB on the morning of September 23rd. She “stripped” me at that appointment, but we made plans for an induction the next evening, since that day’s ultrasound showed that the baby was measuring above nine pounds. The induction was scheduled for Thursday night (the 24th) at 5:00 pm, but Pumpkin was not to be upstaged…she decided to arrive on her own terms. Sometime between midnight and 3:00 am on Thursday morning, my water broke and we were off to the hospital before 6:00 am.

5:15 am…ready to go! That’s a big belly.
6:11 am…arriving at CMC Main.

They started me on pitocin as soon as we got there, and I started contracting pretty uncomfortably by 8:00 am. By 9:00 am, the contractions were extremely painful and continued to get worse, and by noon I was throwing up from the pain (As a side note; during labor was the only time I chucked during my whole pregnancy! I almost made it the whole nine months!).

Contractions begin around 9:00 am. The Captain still manages to make me laugh.

Anyway, long story short; by 2:00 in the afternoon I was running a mysterious fever and so exhausted from being up for nearly 12 hours AND the pitocin-worsened pain that I gave up on my plan to go all-natural and I ordered the epidural, mainly to simply get some rest. I don’t regret it at all. My cousin’s wife’s advice to “Not be a hero” finally sunk in.

By that time I was only about four centimeters dilated, and things were progressing slowly. I managed to nap for about two hours, but I had a fever of 101 accompanied by chills (the cause of the fever was never decided upon…it was completely gone by about four hours after I delivered).

4:11 pm. Resting comfortably now, but unable to get warm.


Anyway, after the nap, the doctor checked my progress and expressed concern that my cervix had become swollen on one half and was unevenly dilated, and that combined with the baby’s estimated birth weight at around a hefty 9.6 pounds, they started talking about the dreaded Caesarean section. Keith and I were both pretty upset, but I laid back down, this time on my left side, rather than my right, and napped again for a little over an hour. I hadn’t even considered needing a C-section. Ever.

When the doctor came back to check on me around 6:00 pm, we were amazed to find that I had fully dilated during my short second nap, and we were told that I was ready to start pushing! Once again, Pumpkin was not to be upstaged by any kind of medical intervention. I started pushing around 6:40 pm on Thursday, and by 7:32 pm, we had our little girl, a little less than three hours after the induction was originally scheduled to begin that day!

7:32 pm, September 24th 2009. Baby girl is born! Whisked away from mama for measurements. Bring back my baby!

Happy mama.

Daddy’s first moment with Pumpkin.

Hello, baby girl!

Pumpkin meets the family about an hour and a half after some time alone with mommy and daddy.


Grandma J gets the first kiss.

Grandma B gets the first cuddle.

Saying hello to Grandpa.

Saying hello to Aunt J.

Pumpkin was alert and healthy after delivery, with Apgar scores of 8 and 9 at one and five minutes. However, she was put on two different antibiotic treatments since I ran a fever during delivery, and had to have a terrible-looking IV port put into her arm for the duration of our nearly three-day stay in the hospital. They wanted to keep her there to make sure she also didn’t develop a fever, and she never did. We called it her “Robo-arm”, making light of it…otherwise we probably would have cried each time we saw it.

The pediatrician assessed her to be “perfect” and called her “a rose”. She didn’t even have a trace of newborn jaundice! All of the nurses commented on how extremely strong she is, and how sweet-tempered she is. She is also a healthy eater; breastfeeding is off to an amazing start, and she had actually started GAINING weight back before we even left the hospital, with her birthweight being 8.14 pounds, and when we were discharged, she was at 8.9. The pediatrician was impressed with that as well. We are so proud of her.

Tonight is our first night at home with her. Wish us luck!


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