Kingmakers Board Game Parlour

It is my goal to start regularly blogging again, and I realized a few things that served as roadblocks for me to do so regularly. One, is that I’m focused on having high-quality photos in my blog posts, taken with my DSLR and edited to my particular standards. The second is that I don’t often feel like I have anything interesting to share.

I’ve since realized that I can take some pretty nice photos with my iPhone, and photo editing capabilities on the phone have been greatly expanded. And there’s the idea that the best camera is the one you have with you. The other thing I realized is that I will frequently post images to Facebook from an outing or something that the kids are doing, and they are almost like little photo essays; they are blog posts waiting to happen.

Combine both of these points with the fact that I can post to my blog with a fantastic app on my phone, what excuse do I have to not be blogging more?… Read More Kingmakers Board Game Parlour