Me beebutt.

It’s official. The cutest thing I’ve ever seen is my baby daughter standing in front of the mirror with her shirt pulled up, pointing to her bellybutton, giggling, “Me beebutt, me beebutt” over and over in her husky little voice.


Usually, Pumpkin reserves the word and sign “more” for food…but just a second ago, I asked her for a kiss, and she gave me one…when I moved away, she said “more?” and gave me another. I have little cartoon hearts dancing around my head now. She’s also finally saying “milk”, and it comes out as… Read More Signs.


Pumpkin is officially walking, slowly, but confidently. She is also waving at everything in sight and saying “Hieee” in her sweet voice; from people, to dogs, to inanimate objects. It broke my heart the other day at the grocery…she would wave and say “Hi” to people as they walked away from her, and they wouldn’t… Read More Hiee!